Best Golf Swing Analyzer Apps To Help Dial In Your Swing

Back in the early 2000s, there were two ways of analyzing your golf swing. The first was forking over hundreds and thousands of dollars for lessons that may, or may not, be effective. The second was beating balls down the range for practice sessions while your friend tried figuring out what you were doing wrong, despite having never gone through a day of professional training and not being able to break 80.

Through the marvels of modern technology, the best golf swing analyzer app now comes in many shapes and forms. There are apps for analyzing your swing, products you could buy to set up at home, and devices you can bring to the golf course or driving range. It’s pretty cool to think about all the different ways technology can help your golf game.

When you’re reading our reviews of what’s taking the market by storm, keep in mind your needs. Don’t just jump at the first thing you see. Much like using swing speed to determine shaft flex, you’ll want to consider how and when you’ll use the golf swing analyzer app you land on.

What is a golf swing analyzer app?

A golf swing analyzer is used to collect data and view attributes of your golf swing. Many of these can record your golf swing and save each piece of data points to see your trends.

You can record your swing with any golf club. Incorporate a golf swing analyzer app into your driving range drills to help improve your golf game overall.

What does a golf swing analyzer app track for you?

  • Ball carry distance
  • Total distance
  • Golf club head speed
  • Swing path angle
  • Attack angle
  • Ball flight time
  • Ball spin
  • Smash factor
  • Face angle
  • And more (depending on the brand and device)

What are the best golf swing analyzer apps?

Is there a mobile device app that analyzes your golf swing?

Yes! And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in the rest of this article. There are a variety of different features that a golf swing analyzer app may include, depending on the complexity. Some of these include recording your swing in regular time and slow motion, checking your ball speed, tracking the golf ball carry distance, your ball launch angle, and much more.

The best part of some of these apps is that you’ll get some level of instant feedback. Now, let’s dive into some of the best golf swing analyzer options on the market for amateur golfers and pros alike.

Which golf swing analyzer apps are worth it for home use?

V1 Golf

There are apps that do things well, and there are leaders. V1 Golf is a leader.

With an interface and system clearly designed for the user, you don’t have to stumble around a difficult to use app. Even if this is your first golf swing analyzer app, you will have no problem catching on.

Rather than making an expensive trip to a teaching golf professional, V1 Golf lets you record your swing and send it pros for analysis. The best part? Everything is in the app. No messing around with emails or anything else, and while upgraded services will cost you a nominal fee, it’s not forced.

V1 golf swing analyzer app

There is one small thing that makes V1 the best golf swing analyzer app —a library of your own swings.

At surface level, tracking your progress is cool because you can see how far you’ve come. But digging a little deeper, this feature is perfect for going through a rough patch.

Pinpoint when things were going well. Bookmark the swing. Pull up your current swing. Figure out the differences between the two and voila, you’re ready to right the ship.

Mirror Vision: Golf Coaching

Mirror Vision is bit of a lesser-known golf swing analyzer app. Actually, lets rephrase that. Mirror Vision: Golf Coaching is a diamond in the rough. That’s why it’s making my list of the best golf swing analyzer app options out there.

We like this app the best for when you’re on the range or taking swings in your backyard.

Thanks to their streaming setup, you can utilize two devices at once. One for filming, the other for viewing. No more taking three swings and having to stop what you’re doing to make a minor adjustment. Everything is streamed. Everything is recorded.

After hitting as many balls as your arms can take, Mirror Vision lets you review your range session. While you can’t send your film off to a professional inside the app, you’ll be able to recall good swings and bad, and then compare the two to see what went right (or wrong).

Mirror Vision Golf Real Time Video Training App:

Swing Profile Golf Analyzer

Ever have a hard time using your phone with a golf glove on? Ever have this aggravate you after taking a swing when you want to quickly review it before your immediate thoughts slip away? Probably—and that’s the exact problem Swing Profile Golf Analyzer solves.

This app makes it so swings are automatically played back—entirely hands free. It draws your swing plane, it trims the video down, it can even mirror another swing of yours.

Everything can be set up to happen automatically, making the best golf swing analyzer for those a little less tech savvy than most.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor connects with your iPhone and turns it into a golf swing analyzer. One of the really cool parts of this monitor is that it has ‘net mode’ where you don’t have to be outside hitting the ball.

Flightscope Mevo

The Flightscope Mevo is a great personal use alternative to the Trackman you may see PGA professionals using. The launch monitor connects with the app to automatically store video clips and data for each swing.

You can use this cost effective launch monitor to improve your long short or short game wedges.

Use the SelfieGolf cell phone holder to record yourself and use the Flightscope Mevo app.

How much do golf swing analyzers cost?

There are free versions and there are paid versions. Free versions have limited functionality, but still provide value. Paid versions will give you what you pay for.

Some golfers are satisfied with paying zero dollars on the same app others run up over $100 of in-app purchases. We think there is a balance to be struck. Expecting to pay between $10-$50 per month is fair if you plan on taking frequent advantage of every feature your chosen app offers.

Something important to note is that even apps free to download require purchasing some kind of subscription. This gives you access to things like storage, having more measurements of your swing appear, and other similar features. No matter the cost of the app, it will almost certainly be cheaper than lessons from your local pro.

What are the most cost-effective golf swing analyzers?

This is a difficult question to answer because every golfer has their own budget. So instead, we’re going to put it in terms of cost/benefit.

Only one app gives you instant access to certified professionals eager to help you shave strokes off your score. That app is V1 Golf.

The best golf swing analyzer is one that can replace traditional lessons with a comfortable environment and lower price tag. V1 Golf delivers on both fronts. You get to record your swing when you want, without the pressure of a skilled golfer standing next to you (or the burden of lesson time running out as you begin to see progress.)

You can spend a bit in this app, but it’s money well spent. You don’t have to do your own analysis, the pros do it for you. V1 Golf may not be the cheapest, but it is certainly the most cost-effective.

Are there free golf swing analyzer apps that I can start with?

Yes, a lot of the golf swing apps out there will have a free version to get started. This may not include every feature but you can at least see the basics.

The Swing Profile Golf Analyzer is a swing analysis and training aid for the iPhone.

Zepp Golf is a physical device you can purchase for instant 3D swing analysis. If you want to try out their technology without the device, you can start by downloading the Zepp Labs Free App.

What golf swing analyzers do the Pros use?

The professional golfers are the pros for a reason. They use the most expensive and accurate swing analyzers there are.

They also have the added benefit of swing coaches who can analyze this data, create an action plan, and relay it to them. And unlike a good chunk of golfers, they understand the data and what their coach says, and use it to improve their skills. Their strategies are complicated. Yours shouldn’t be.

As far as the actual tools of the trade, you’ll see pro golfs using Trackman launch monitors and a variety of heavily edited video that measures precise angles of every part of their body and swing.

What’s right for the pros isn’t necessarily right for you. The average golfer can just as easily improve their game with apps and analyzers that won’t break the bank, like the ones profiled above.


A golf swing analyzer app is a great way to see all of your golf swing data. The ease of use of this type of technology has evolved over the years and allows the amateur golfer to utilize it for pretty cheap.

There are many options for the best swing analyzer. Choose one of the apps we’ve discussed in this post to improve your golf swing today!

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