Putting Like a Pro: Best Putter For Women

Finding the right putter can greatly improve a golfer’s performance, especially when it comes to the crucial short game. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this post, we will discuss key factors to consider when selecting the best putter for women.

How do you choose the Best Putter for Women?

As a female golfer, choosing the best putter is crucial for your short game. Many women’s putters are on the market, each with different features and benefits.

When considering a new putter, pay attention to factors such as putter head size, length, and face insert technology.

Look for a putter with a thicker grip to improve your stroke and consider the lie angle and additional weight for better distance control.

No matter your skill level, choosing the right putter is the best way to improve your short game and lower your scores on the golf course.

Putting Like a Pro Best Putter For Women

Is there a difference between women and men putters?

When it comes to golf putters, women golfers often have different needs than men. Women’s putters typically feature shorter lengths and smaller grips, making them more comfortable and easier to control for female players.

Additionally, women’s putters often have a lighter club head, providing greater stability and better distance control for shorter putts.

Women’s putters also often have a softer feel, thanks to face insert technology, which provides excellent feedback for the putting stroke.

While men’s putters tend to have a heavier head and a traditional steel shaft, women’s putters may use tungsten weights or an adjustable sole weight to provide additional customization options.

Ultimately, finding the right putter comes down to individual preferences and skill levels, and it’s important to take your own preferences and golfing style into account when choosing the best putter for you.

What are the Different Styles of Putters and Why are they Important?

Putter Head Styles

Putter head styles can vary greatly, from traditional blade-style putters to mallet-style putters with larger heads.

Mallet-style putters often offer more excellent stability and higher MOI, while blade-style putters may provide a better feel and control.

Additionally, some putters feature adjustable sole weights to fine-tune the head weight for optimal performance.

Putter Inserts and Face

Putter inserts and face technology are essential components that affect the feel and performance of the putter.

Various materials like stainless steel, tungsten weights, and face-balanced designs contribute to better roll, ball speeds, and forgiveness.

These inserts come in different styles like the White Hot OG from Odyssey and the Pure Roll insert from TaylorMade.


Grips are an essential aspect of a putter, affecting the golfer’s feel and control over the club.

A thicker grip can help reduce wrist action and promote a smoother putting stroke, while smaller grips can be beneficial for golfers with smaller hands or those who prefer more feel.

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Other Technical Features for Putters


Balance is an essential factor in selecting a putter, as it can affect a golfer’s putting stroke and accuracy.

Putters with a high MOI or adjustable weights can provide greater balance and stability, resulting in a smoother stroke and better overall performance on the green.

Offset vs Center Shafted

Offset putters have a hosel that’s positioned in front of the clubface, which allows for more toe hang and helps golfers with an arcing putting stroke.

On the other hand, center-shafted putters feature a shaft that runs through the center of the clubhead, providing a more face-balanced design that’s suited for golfers with a straight-back, straight-through stroke.

Both styles offer unique benefits and should be considered based on individual preferences and putting style.

Shaft Lengths

Shaft length is an important factor in choosing the right putter, with many options available for women golfers including shorter and standard lengths.

Longer putters, such as belly putters, can also provide additional stability for those looking to improve their short game.

Putter Loft

The loft of a putter can affect the trajectory of the ball and its roll.

Some putters have adjustable loft options for players to customize to their putting stroke and green conditions.

It’s important to consider loft when choosing the best putter for your game.

Our Top Pick for Best Putter For Women

While there are dozens of great choices for the best putter for women, if we had to choose a favorite this would be it.

Odyssey White Hot OG

The Odyssey White Hot OG is a premium putter designed for women golfers seeking greater stability and distance control in their short game.

With a stainless steel head and a face insert made from a urethane composite material, this putter provides a smooth and consistent feel, while the high MOI design helps to reduce twisting on off-center hits.

Pros: The Odyssey White Hot OG is one of the best women’s putters available on the market, providing exceptional performance and a premium look and feel.

The face insert technology helps to provide a soft yet responsive feel, and the high MOI design helps to improve accuracy and distance control.

Additionally, the putter comes in a variety of lengths and grip options to fit any player’s stroke.

Cons: The high price point of the Odyssey White Hot OG may be a drawback for some female golfers, and the mallet-style head may not suit players who prefer a more traditional putter shape.

Additionally, some players may find the thicker grip to be uncomfortable, particularly if they are used to a smaller grip on their current putter.

Best Beginner Putter For Women

Pinemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter

The Pinemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter is a great option for beginner women golfers looking for an affordable and easy-to-use putter. It features a mallet-style design with a large alignment aid to help golfers keep their putts on target.

Pros: The PGX putter has a larger head size, which provides greater stability and forgiveness on off-center hits.

It also has a soft, comfortable grip that is easy to hold and helps to reduce hand fatigue during the round. The alignment aid on the top of the putter is also helpful for beginners who struggle with lining up their putts.

Cons: The PGX putter doesn’t offer as much adjustability as some higher-end putters, and it doesn’t have any advanced face technology to help with distance control.

The feel of the putter may also not be as premium as some more expensive options.

Best Forgiving Putter For Women

Odyssey White Hot RX 2-Ball V-Line Putter

The Odyssey White Hot RX 2-Ball V-Line putter is an excellent option for women golfers looking for a forgiving putter. Its mallet-style head with 2-ball alignment helps with consistent aim and ball striking, while the White Hot insert provides a soft feel and sound for improved distance control.

Pros: The 2-ball alignment design provides greater accuracy on putts, and the White Hot insert offers a softer feel and smooth roll.

The mallet-style head with perimeter weighting also provides a high MOI for greater stability and forgiveness on off-center hits.

Cons: The larger head and 2-ball design may take some getting used to for golfers used to traditional blade-style putters.

The putter is also on the pricier side compared to other beginner options.

Best Versatile Putter for Women

Odyssey Stroke Lab Women’s Putter

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Women’s Putter is a versatile option for women golfers who want a putter that can handle a variety of situations on the green. With a multi-material construction and adjustable weighting, this putter offers both forgiveness and precision.


  • Multi-material construction for a balanced feel and consistent performance.
  • Adjustable weighting for a customizable feel and stability.
  • Face insert technology for enhanced accuracy and distance control.


  • Higher price point than some other options.
  • Some golfers may prefer a putter with a more traditional look or shape.

Best Premium Putter for Women

Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 2

The Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 2 is a premium putter that offers an excellent feel and precision on the greens.

It features a multi-material construction that enhances MOI and a mid-milled face for improved distance control.

Pros: The high-quality materials and construction provide a premium feel and look.

The putter offers excellent alignment and precision, thanks to its face-balanced design and double-bend shaft.

The mid-milled face insert also offers a softer feel and improved distance control.

Cons: The premium price tag may be too steep for some golfers.

The putter is also better suited for golfers with a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke, and may not be ideal for those with more arc in their stroke.

Best Putter for High-Level Players

Cleveland 2135 Satin 1.0

The Cleveland 2135 Satin 1.0 putter is designed for high-level players who demand precision and consistency on the greens.

The 2135 alignment technology, which places the alignment line at the exact radius of the ball, provides accurate alignment regardless of where the ball is positioned.

Pros: The milled copper-infused face ensures a soft feel and consistent roll, while the optimized CG placement and deeper CNC milling pattern provide greater stability and control.

The putter also comes with an oversized grip option for added comfort and control.

Cons: The putter’s premium price point may not be suitable for all players, and the blade-style design may not be preferred by those who prefer mallet-style putters.

Best Value Putter for Women

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter is a budget-friendly option that offers great value for beginner and intermediate women golfers. It features a traditional blade-style head with a sleek black finish and white alignment line.

Pros: The putter is very affordable, making it a great option for golfers on a budget.

The alignment line makes it easy to aim accurately, and the milled face offers consistent ball roll. The putter is also lightweight and easy to control.

Cons: The putter may not be as durable as higher-end options, and the grip may feel too small for golfers with larger hands.

The blade-style head may also not provide as much forgiveness on off-center hits compared to mallet-style putters.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Putter For Women

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about the best putter for women.

How Often Should I Change out or Purchase a New Putter?

The frequency of changing or purchasing a new putter varies depending on various factors, such as how often you play golf, your skill level, and personal preferences.

Generally, experts recommend that golfers replace their putters every three to five years or if they notice significant wear and tear, such as dents or scratches on the face or head.

However, if you’re a high-level player or use your putter frequently, you may need to replace it more often. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual golfer to decide when it’s time to upgrade their putter.

How do I know which Putter is best for me?

Choosing the best putter for you can be a personal and subjective decision, but there are a few factors to consider.

First, consider your putting style and stroke type, as certain putter designs and features may be better suited for different styles.

It’s also important to try out different putters to get a feel for what works best for you in terms of weight, balance, and grip.

Additionally, consider the greens you typically play on, as faster greens may require a different type of putter than slower greens.

Finally, take into account your budget and level of play, as higher-end putters may offer advanced features but may not be necessary for beginners or casual players.

What is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a putter?

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a putter is how it feels and performs for you.

The putter that works best for one person may not work as well for another, so it’s essential to try out different putters to find the one that gives you the most confidence and consistency on the greens.

Other factors to consider include the putter’s design, length, weight, and balance, as well as your own putting stroke and preferences.

Final Thoughts on Best Putters for Women

In conclusion, finding the right putter is crucial for any golfer, especially for women who may have different needs and preferences than men.

When searching for the best putter, it is important to consider factors such as head design, insert material, grip style, balance, and shaft length.

Our top picks are listed above; however, the best putter ultimately comes down to personal preference and feel, so it is important to try out different options before making a purchase.

With the right putter in hand, any female golfer can improve their putting game and lower their scores on the course.

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