Best Cheap Golf Balls for Golf Lovers on A Budget

Let’s face it, playing golf can be expensive. With purchasing golf clubs, golf balls, shoes, and other golf equipment, golfing can definitely put a dent in your bank account.

Some golfers have limited resources due to the record-high inflation rate and the constant rise in prices, while others are relatively new to the game or are shopping around a bit, in which case value is a top concern, and others simply want to choose how they spend their money and are completely satisfied with the performance of some less expensive golf balls.

Luckily, a great golf ball can be found without going over your budget. The majority of products in the “less expensive” price range have a simplistic two-piece design and support various performance blends. But, models with three or four pieces, such as the TaylorMade Soft Response, offer slightly better performance all around. Although some individuals might prefer the label “inexpensive,” these balls are ultimately cheap. And we shouldn’t avoid the apparent bluntness of the term because it is, after all, a crucial consideration in many golf ball purchasing decisions.

Read on for our list of the best cheap golf balls for golf lovers on a budget.

Top Things to Consider When Choosing Cheap Golf Balls

There are several things to consider when choosing the best cheap golf ball. The below list should be taken into consideration when purchasing your new golf balls.


Golf balls are typically classified based on the number of layers they have.

  • One-Piece Layer – In essence, a one-piece layer ball is made of just one substance. It is affordable because it just requires one material to produce. If you are looking for the best golf balls at an affordable price, a one-piece ball is ideal.
  • Two-Piece Layers – A cover and a core are both halves of a double-layered ball. Typically, the core of the ball is made of a rubberized material. Certain golf balls may have very small, hard cores, while others may have larger softcore. With various balls, the cover also varies.
  • Three-Piece Layers – The cover, mantle, and core are the three components of the triple-layered balls. The dimensions and materials change depending on the manufacturer and brand.
  • Four-Piece and Five-Piece Layers – With the four and five-piece layer golf balls, there is an internal cover, which is visible between the mantle and core. However, there are a number of new layouts on the market so there is no real guide on how the layers should be.


Backspin and sidespin are the two classes of spin. The air is pushed downward by the backspin, giving the golf ball a boost that increases flight momentum. While sidespin can move your golf ball in either a left or right direction, it primarily depends on your swing path. There are three spin categories; low, mid, and high, and you can find the best cheap golf balls in each category.


Ball compression describes how your ball will respond to the force of the golf club’s impact. A low compression ball feels softer. Golf balls with more compression, on the other hand, could feel dense. Golf balls with a low compression rating are preferred by novice players who want to take full benefit of the extra flight, while experienced players with an excellent aim and strong swing will see longer and more precise shots with high compression balls.


Sometimes, golf balls can be damaged or lost while out on the golf course. The durability of the ball is important. While good cheap golf balls are out there, if you choose a brittle ball, it will end up costing you more in the end because of how frequently you will have to replace it.

Our Top Picks For The Best Cheap Golf Balls For Golf Lovers On A Budget

Inexpensive golf balls are most definitely not inferior to more expensive brands, despite what some people may believe. There are many affordable variants that deliver great performance and a lot for your money. In fact, some brands off packs that start from $8 a dozen. There are plenty of excellent cheap golf balls available on the market. Our list has some of the best value golf balls available, including balls for speed, accuracy, distance, and more!

Best Overall Cheap Golf Balls

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft

These TaylorMade golf balls offer the ideal balance of softness and distance for less than one dollar each.

The iothane cover on this ball is very strong and resistant to nicks, cuts, and scratches. The ball’s core is built to increase distance. This ball’s construction prevents sidespin off the tee while producing a lot of spin for your short game.

TaylorMade’s patented revolutionary dimple design lessens the bothersome slices and hooks that the majority of golfers occasionally battle with.


  • Easily compressible
  • Spin well on the green
  • Great distance for high handicappers


  • Aren’t as easy to control as other golf balls

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Speed

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

No matter what club you are using, the technical team at Callaway created the Warbird golf ball for optimum ball speed. The extra-large, high-energy core that offers explosive distance off the tee will be adored by players of all ability levels.

This golf ball may be inexpensive, but Callway’s HEX technology gives it a higher launch trajectory than the majority of expensive balls. The end product is a golf ball with an excellent feel that performs remarkably well on any green. It is difficult to get in a two-piece ball that is as inexpensive as this ball.


  • Good choice for distance
  • Feel firm
  • Consistent, low spin rate


  • Not great for short ranges
  • Not the best choice for most golfers

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Accuracy

Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Ball

The e12 Contact’s technology revolves around a special dimple pattern that Bridgestone claims not only encourages greater distance but also a straighter ball flight. With the aim of combining accuracy and speed, the dimples feature a raised area in the middle and an exterior section that was created to prevent horizontal rotation.

To Bridgestone’s credit, the technology appeared to work during testing as the e12 Contact produced noticeably straighter golf strokes and was far off the tee. Also, it had a plush feel around the greens, and the greenside spin it offered was typical for a ball at this pricing point. But, if you prefer to work the ball off the tee and into the green, the e12 Contact might not be the ideal option for you. In our testing, shaping shots was challenging.


  • Great driver distance
  • Limited curve on full shots


  • Not workable

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Added Distance

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

The TaylorMade Distance Plus offers a high level of ball speed while minimizing the sidespin and adding distance. This ball feels fairly excellent for chips, throws, and putts thanks to its dynamic core. It is great for long distance plays and performs so well due to its unique dimple pattern, which was created with increased distance in mind.

This two-piece golf ball has a compression rating of 77 and a good level of durability. The interesting new tool from TaylorMade, the Plus Alignment Aid, assists with putt alignment on the green. This is a fantastic new feature that ought to encourage all golfers to make more putts for birdies.


  • Soft ball with great feel
  • Great for long shots
  • Comes in white and yellow


  • Accuracy is lacking

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Low Spin

Pinncale Soft Golf Balls

Not only is the Pinnacle Soft golf ball designed to provide golfers with a super soft feel and low spin, it is also made to provide exceptional distance, enabling golfers of all skill levels to strike the ball farther with every club. With every club, the high energy core, soft cover, and revolutionary 332 icosahedral dimple design work together to produce a strong, reliable ball flight over great distances.

The pinnacle soft is designed with a high-energy, extremely low compression core—the lowest compression pinnacle has ever used—that offers an incredibly soft feel and low spin over a considerable distance. The most plush-feeling Pinnacle ever created is the result of the patented core formulation working with an extraordinarily soft Ionomer cover. With 332 dimples, Sort’s sophisticated icosahedral dimple design guarantees a perfect, reliable flying and is the best ball for low spin.


  • Low Spin
  • Great for slow swing speed
  • Fast ball speed


  • Experienced golfers may not like the feel

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Greenside Control

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

The Titleist TruFeel golf balls are a great choice if you like the Titleist Pro V1 but do not want to spend a lot of money. You will spend far less money because the TruFeels cost around half as much as the ProV1s. Also, you will experience the maximum range and soft feel, which Titleist is well known for.

Golfers will adore the exceptionally soft feel that the patented TruFlex cover offers, especially on and near the greens. You will have plenty of distance off the tee thanks to the improved TruFit aerodynamics. The quality of this golf ball also extends its consistency and longevity. Plus, the TruFeel golf balls have an alignment tool to help you line up your putts.


  • Slower swing speeds get greater gains
  • Alignment tool


  • Not good for high swing speeds

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Improving Short Golf Game

Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Urethane Cover 2.0 Golf Balls

The Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Urethane Cover 2.0 is a fan favorite and outstanding in value. The performance and smooth feel it provides around the greens are particularly noteworthy. Players seeking affordable greenside control should consider this ball because it gives give higher ball speed and less spin from the driver; making it great for improving the short golf game.


  • Exceptional durability
  • Remarkable spin and control on the green


  • Distance off the tee isn’t very long

Best Cheap Two-Piece Golf Balls

Mizuno RB 566 Golf Balls

The Mizuno RB 566 golf balls are quite affordable and offer excellent course performance. This two-piece ball won’t get scratched, cut, or nicked thanks to the durable ionomer cover and is comparable to the premium balls on the market.

The 566 micro dimples guarantee less drag and aid in maximizing spin to attain remarkable distances. This ball flies exceptionally straight because of its distinctive design, outstanding aerodynamics, and soft compression core, and it has a lot of short game spin but little driver spin.


  • Ionomer cover makes it durable
  • Unique dimple design allows the ball to go a great distance before descending


  • The light yellow color of the ball makes it difficult to find

Best Cheap Golf Balls for a Mid-to-High Handicappers

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball has a lot to offer and is worth your consideration if you feel that your game might not be good enough to justify the cost of premium golf balls and you don’t have an abundance of free golf balls at your disposal. Finding a ball that works for you in the Supersoft pricing range should be a no-brainer for many golfers considering that they cost half as much as a tour ball.

The Supersoft soft-feel golf balls are great for mid-to-high handicappers and offer greater control around the green and increased distance off the tee. The multi-material construction of the new hybrid cover feels really effective, especially when you are hitting approach shots into the green. Its soft compression core, which aids in accelerating ball speeds and encourages a fast launch and low spin, is another crucial feature. Once more, we discovered that the longer clubs in your setup benefited from it, showing some receptivity with approach shots, notably longer irons, and hybrids.


  • Kept its distance with long clubs
  • Remarkable control on and around the greens
  • Comes in several bright colors


  • Not the best for golfers with a fast swing

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Low Handicappers

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Vice Pro Plus golf balls perform at a Titleist Pro V1 level but at a low price and while they are a little more expensive than some of the other golf balls on our list, they are still a great value for low handicappers.

They are made of three pieces and have a plush urethane cover. They certainly feel soft and have a relatively low compression point for a tour-level ball. They perform equally as well as any other ball with mid and short iron strokes.

The ball has a quality feel due to the decals, something other challenger brands frequently lack. In addition, the balls are incredibly consistent making them the right ball for low handicappers at an affordable price!


  • Soft Feel
  • Premium Construction
  • Nice colors and packaging


  • May need more speed to compress properly

Best Cheap Variety Pack of Golf Balls

Vice Variety Pack

The Vice variety pack provides 2 of each of Vice’s 5 ball models coming out to 10 balls total making it a great deal for those who are wanting to try out several ball types. It’s an excellent choice for new golfers who don’t really know what they like yet as well as seasoned golfers who want to change up their game.

Vice golf balls variety pack


  • Lots of options
  • Great packaging


  • Some of the balls lose their finish quickly

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Durability

Piper Blue Golf Ball

The Piper Blue golf ball may cost more than some of the other choices on this list, but the excellent performance it offers for the money justifies a slot. Not only is the Piper Blue one of the most durable golf balls, but it also demonstrated exceptional greenside spin and control and remarkable stopping power on approach shots.

Although the Piper Blue is not the longest ball with the driver, it is adequate in terms of distance and it is fairly accurate. Additionally, it provided naturally high launch conditions, which can be advantageous for golfers who have trouble getting the ball in the air.

Piper golf balls blue


  • Great greenside spin
  • Extremely durable


  • Firm feel isn’t appealing to every golfer

As we know, golfing can be costly. Golf may undoubtedly drain your bank account with the cost of golf clubs, balls, shoes, and other equipment. For new golfers or golfers on a tight budget, cheap golf balls are the way to go!

Though there are several things to consider when choosing the best cheap golf ball, with so many options out there, you are sure to find the right golf ball for you at a great price!

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Cheap Golf Balls

We have covered several options for the best cheap golf balls. Read below for some frequently asked questions about the best cheap golf balls and more.

Are cheap golf balls worth buying?

Cheap golf balls are definitely worth purchasing, especially when you are new to the game or are on a budget. Spending a lot of money on higher-priced balls just does not make sense when you are still learning or trying to save money.

What are the best golf balls for beginners?

There are quite a few different balls to choose from but the Wilson Velocity Distance Golf Ball is one of the best options for beginners. With a tough ionomer cover, this low-compression Wilson promises to travel extremely far. This maximizes trajectory for maximum yardage and roll, enabling golfers on all levels to hit shots with long distances. Its improved aerodynamic dimple pattern really increases the power you can generate off the tee. Also, even if you aren’t the strongest hitter, you can still seriously launch these balls far.

Do cheap golf balls make a difference?

Yes, they can which is why you don’t see Tiger Woods playing with a ball from Costco. However, beginners and players with high handicaps and slower swing speeds don’t require pricey golf balls. Most amateur golfers should use cheaper golf balls that target distance and forgiveness.

What is a good golf ball for the average golfer?

The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball is a great choice for average golfers. It has a lower compression rating allowing a lower swing speed while still covering more ground. A great advantage of this ball is that it generates very little driver spin.

Do soft golf balls go further?

The short answer is yes. In general, softer golf balls go farther than harder ones. Softer balls help golfers to drive the ball farther off the tee without requiring a high swing speed. Also, because they are simpler to control, players can give the ball greater spin to increase impact.

Can the type of golf ball I use affect my shot height?

Some golf balls are designed to go higher and height usually depends on the inner core. Golf balls with a larger, high-energy core and without a low-compression core are the best option if you want to affect your shot height. These types of balls typically have a high launch resulting in higher ball flight.

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