Best Golf Grips For Every Type Of Club

The majority of golfers do not regrip their clubs as often as they should. If you are not regripping your clubs at least once per year, chances are you need a new set of grips right now! Choosing one of the best golf grips for each club can be difficult but we are here to help.

Having fresh grips on your club is kind of like having a clean car or getting a haircut. Playing golf with new grips feels better, makes it easier to control the club, and leaves you feeling more confident on the course. 

Here are some of our favorite golf grips for any golfer and some frequently asked questions grips in general. We are breaking down this list of best golf grips by club type too! Let’s dive in.

best golf grips for every type of club

Best Putter Grip: SuperStroke Traxion Tour

The putter grip could be the most important one in the bag. With a putter grip, you have to be sure you are looking at the technology incorporated into the grip and how this is going to impact your putting stroke. 

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SuperStroke Traxion Tour is a tour-proven golf grip designed to get the larger muscles more involved in your putting stroke. It has a soft feel and a surface texture that is quite tacky. This is a good thing when you want to ensure you are controlling the putter head. 

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  • No taper design 
  • Helps golfers quiet their hands 
  • Long lasting tacky feel 
  • Ridge on the back of the putter to encourage consistent hand position 


  • Expensive for just one club 

Best Driver Grips: Golf Pride MCC New Decade 

The driver is the club that you will swing the fastest. Therefore it’s best to ensure that your driver selection has plenty of traction.

The Golf Pride MCC New Decade is standard in size and has a mix of both cord and rubber compound grip material. 

As a newbie golfer, its nice to have a comfortable grip on your clubs instead of the stock one that came on your beginner driver.

With the New Decade Golf Pride grip, you will benefit from the grip having plenty of traction but especially in the bottom portion of the grip.

If you run into rough weather or forget to wear your golf glove, the Golf Pride MCC New Decade will grab your hand and help you control the clubface. 


  • One of the most popular grips ever made by Golf Pride
  • A mix of cord and tour velvet grips 
  • Commonly used on the PGA and LPGA tours 
  • Helps golfers establish more control 


  • Tends to be more expensive than others on the market 

Best Iron Grips: Winn Dri Tac 

Although we recommend getting the same grips on most of your clubs, some players like to mix things up between the woods and the irons. The Winn Dri Tac took the ever-popular soft-feeling grips from Winn and made them tacky!

In years past, the Winn grips were always soft and easy to handle for 18 holes, but they were smooth and gave some players trouble with control. The Dri Tac grips almost feel sticky when you put your hands on the club. 

This extra tacky or sticky feel gives golfers plenty of confidence in their ability to make a solid swing with any iron. 


  • Very comforting feel in the hands
  • Fair pricing for a premium grip 
  • Holds up longer than old Winn grips
  • Tacky outer cover


  • The Winn grips are still a little soft, and some golfers with grip pressure issues struggle with that 

Best Ladies Golf Grips: Winn Dri Tac Ladies 

Women golfers typically need grips that are slightly undersized. The Winn Dri Tac Ladies is an excellent solution for a woman golfer that needs a tacky feel and all-weather performance but a bit of cushion built in. 

With the Winn Dri, Tac Ladies grip, expect to have impressive longevity as well. These grips last long and can go on every club, from the wedge to the driver. 


  • Winn’s tackiest grip ever 
  • Non-slip performance in any weather condition 
  • Comfortable feel 


  • Typically don’t have too many color options to choose from.

Best Grips for Large Hands: Lamkin Golf ST +2 

Golfers with large hands benefit from grips that are thicker and allow them to decrease grip pressure just a little bit. The Lamkin Golf ST +2 is a relatively new release to the market, and many players with large hands have been benefiting from it. 

This grip has ST technology which stands for Smooth Tack. It’s a tacky feel, but it will stiff be soft. This is a split grip design that you see in the Golf Price MCC as well. The upper hand has a bit more traction, and the bottom hand focuses on that soft feel. 

In addition, the grip was made to handle all weather conditions as well as exposure to UV rays. If you are a golfer who has to replace their golf grips often, this could have the technology you are looking for. 

Lamkin Golf Hybrid Grip Large Amazon
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  • Built for players with larger hands
  • Dual technology design 
  • Impressive longevity 


  • Not a no-taper design that many players with large hands look for 

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Grips

Golf grips tend to confuse golfers that are new to the game. It may seem overwhelming at first to choose a grip from hundreds of different options, but you will quickly learn what your preferences are and be able to stick with that for years to come. 

How do I know which grip size I need? 

Most of the time, a grip size will correlate to a glove size. For those with larger hands that wear a large or XL glove, the midsize tends to be the best choice. Smaller hands that wear small size gloves should consider going with the undersize grips. 

Can you regrip your own clubs? 

Regripping your golf clubs is not tricky. There is a process to follow, and if you follow that carefully, you will end up saving yourself quite a bit of money. For golfers that play a lot of golf, it pays to learn to regrip their clubs; you can do it every few months and keep the grips in great shape at all times. 

What brand has the best golf grips? 

This is a toss up with all the options out there!

Some golfers love Golf Pride, while others swear by Winn or Lamkin. Golf Pride tends to be the best-selling, and they continue to release new grip options quite often.  

What golf grip to most professionals use?

Majority of the top 100 players on tour are seen using the Golf Pride Tour Wrap or a variation of these.

Do you have a favorite grip to use for your golf clubs? Let us know in the comments below!


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