11 Ideas For A Cool Outdoor Putting Green DIY

If you are an avid golfer and spend time on the golf course you know over half of your shots are played on the green. If you want to get that number on your golf game lowered, there is no better idea than practice.

Creating your own backyard green is a fun and convenient way for you to play golf all year round – and really get that practice in!

Whether you are looking for a small portable mat you could take anywhere, a simple kit, or you are ready to transform your backyard completely – we have a good idea for you.

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Backyard putting green area with real grass turf

How do you create your own outdoor putting green DIY?

Creating your outdoor putting green is going to depend on several factors. Are you looking for an easy portable mat, a DIY kit, or a custom outdoor oasis?

You also have to ask yourself the question of how much space or square feet you have available, do you want natural grass or artificial turf, and how much time/money you want to spend. Once you have decided on these factors – you can get started!

We know that building a true short game practice area in your backyard can get pricey. Start off with one of these artificial putting greens to fit your budget.

If you really want that true green speed, using real grass will cost a little more per square foot but your putting stoke is sure to improve.

With all the options you have available – you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

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Outdoor Putting Green Mats

Sometimes you need easy. If you are looking for an outdoor putting green DIY, it doesn’t get much easier than this! You can grab one of these synthetic turf mats, set them up in your backyard, and get practicing right away.

Magic Golf

MAGIC GOLF practice putting green is crafted with a unique crystal velvet, true-roll surface that simulates tour greens condition. With visual guide track lines to provide a visual of your club face aim and positioning, help on proper alignment, backstroke, and follow through. You will notice your putting gets better after only a short period of practicing on the home golf training mat. Place this mat in your backyard, grab your favorite golf ball – add some fun landscaping and you have a quick and easy outdoor putting green DIY!

Ball Return Option

This outdoor putting green mat allows you to practice putting more attentively, eliminating the trouble of walking around to pick up the ball. It is a great easy and affordable option when you are creating your own outdoor putting green DIY! The putting surface on this option is every golfer’s dream.

Outdoor Putting Green DIY Kits

Are you ready to set up a more permanent outdoor putting green in your own backyard? Kits may be a perfect choice! Outdoor putting green DIY kits can make the process of creating an outdoor putting green smooth and painless. The first thing you will need to do is come up with a plan. One of these DIY Kits may be the perfect option for you.

XGrass Modular Putting Green Kit

The great thing about this outdoor putting green DIY kit is that you can get it installed in just a few hours! XGrass is a LEADING expert in the industry and they actually designed all of their kits! All you need to do is prepare an area in your backyard and follow easy instructions. You will feel like you are at a country club in no time at all.

XGrass modular putting green kit - Outdoor putting green DIY ideas

American Greens

Are you looking for tour-qulity without the high cost and long labor? You should check out the Major Series from American Greens. This series features five different shapes and sizes. Not to mention, you can set the kits up in one or two days. Using this kit – you will be out practicing your putt in no time at all.

Custom Outdoor Putting Green DIY

As an avid golfer, you may be looking for something a bit more unique. While you must be willing to invest a bit more time and money into custom outdoor putting greens – it may be exactly what you need.

Swimming Pool Convert

No longer using your swimming pool? This outdoor putting green DIY will require demolition and filling of the pool – but it will save you from the budget you are spending on maintenance, water, and pumps! Besides the pool area, you will also need artificial turf, cups, and flags. If you have limited space, and no more need for a pool – this option is perfect.

DIY Synthetic Putting Green

If you have some dead space on your property, this option is a perfect choice. To make this choice work – keep in mind simple is better. Also choosing quality synthetic grass will really make the difference.

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Simple Outdoor Putting Green DIY

If you are looking for a simple, and yet still aesthetically pleasing DIY this option from Crazy DIY Mom is perfect. It is a good use of leftover yard space, plus is easy and affordable. You will need putting green, cups, bedding sand, edging, landscape spikes, and an optional fake rock.

Customizable Plywood Framed Putting Green

We love this option because you can easily adjust the size and shape of the design to suit your needs. Supplies you will need are plywood, putting green turf, screws, and of course cups, and flags to finish it up.

Outdoor Putting Green with Real Grass

If real grass is important to you – this outdoor putting green DIY will be a perfect choice! You will need turf grass seed, fertilizer, landscape fabric, sand, and a grass seed starter mat to get started!

Cheapest Options for Outdoor Putting Green DIY

A lot of times when you are trying to DIY the cheaper options are what you are after – these outdoor putting green DIYs will be the easiest on your wallet.

DIY Putting Green (Little Bit Funky)

This outdoor putting green DIY will require some manual labor but it is one of the cheapest options we have found! The hardest part of this option will be digging the trench and removing the grass without disturbing the soil and surrounding area too much. Get the details here.

Cheap Outdoor Putting Green DIY (Dog Wood Golf)

If you have looked into the price of having a company build a backyard putting green for you – you know just the materials can be 3-4K all on their own! However with a little grit, and a lot of sweat you can put your own putting green in your backyard for a fraction of the cost. Although it will definitely require a trip to your local home depot! See the details here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Putting Green DIYs

Here are a few questions that we are often asked about the best outdoor putting green DIYs to improve your putting at home. Remember that this is an investment the whole family can enjoy; it’s worth creating something that has functionality and longevity. 

Which is better fake grass or natural turf?

This is entirely up to you, your budget, and the time you have available. Your main goal of course should be creating a space that makes you happy. A good rule of thumb is balancing your desires and your budget.

What Kind of Sand do I use in an Outdoor Putting Green DIY?

You can use a product like Envirofill sand to give the absolutely perfect polished look. This sand also helps with drainage and will resist mold.

Silica sand will really improve playability and will weigh down the turf. In addition, this sand can add a great aesthetic appeal to the final DIY project.

Can I create an Outdoor putting green DIY on concrete?

You can but you would need to do prep work just like you would with soil. You would need to use a step-by-step process for prepping. Things like making sure the concrete is smooth, filling in the cracks, and a good deep clean.

Final Thoughts About Outdoor Putting Green DIYs

Hopefully, this blog has inspired you to start making your own outdoor putting green, as you can see each plan has its own unique qualities – the best idea is to think responsibly and choose the plan that fits both your budget and personal style. Give one of these options a try and let us know what you choose!

11+ backyard putting green ideas

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