Best Indoor Putting Greens To Improve Your Putting At Home

Today we are talking all about indoor putting greens that you can use at home. There are some areas of the game where golfers will complain that they don’t have the time or the facilities to practice. For instance, hitting bunker shots can be challenging for those without a sand trap at the range. 

However, when it comes to putting, there is no excuse not to put in some extra practice time. The best indoor putting greens to improve your putting at home will take your game to the next level, give you more confidence and make golf considerably more enjoyable.

There are a lot of options to help improve your golf game, including for the serious golfer. Putting is one of the areas that you don’t need to go to the driving range to be able to practice.

the best indoor putting greens to practice golf at home

That’s why investing in one of these indoor putting green systems is a great way to step up your putting quickly. Here are our favorites. 

Best Overall: Perfect Practice Putting Mat 

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is one of the best solutions for improving your putting at home. This comes in an 8′ long compact edition and has one hole. There is also an automatic ball return feature that will send the ball directly back to you and make putting practice more efficient. 

For another way to practice at home, check out the best golf practice nets.

We love the clear guides on the mat that works for both left-handed and right-handed players. Sometimes these putting mats come with a ton of markings and information to help with alignment, but the Perfect Practice Putting Mat keeps things simple and allows you fast and straightforward practice. 


  • Portable and compact design 
  • Great speed, rolls to about 10
  • Automatic ball return features 
  • Left and right-handed players
  • Perfect gift for amateur’s or pros


  • The premium putting surface is priced higher than other choices on the market 

Best Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return: Abco Tech Indoor Putting Green 

The ball return feature on an indoor putting green will make it much easier to get your practice time in. The smart ball return system feature on the Abco Tech Indoor Putting Green helps the ball roll directly back to you so you can focus on your putting stroke. 

Our favorite thing about this indoor putting green is that there are two sides to it. One is made to emulate the true real green of a golf course, and the other is more of a training aid and even includes a smaller hole. Having both options for practice is a great benefit. 


  • Effective ball return system 
  • Grass-like feel 
  • One side has an alignment line to make it easier to work on your game 


  • Smaller width won’t work for multiple people practicing at once 

Best For Serious Golfers: JEF World of Golf Professional Training Mat

For those that are really on a mission to change their game this year, we love the JEF World of Golf Professional Training Mat. This large 3′ x 10′ mat allows you to stand on the putting green as you work on your game. This really feels like a mini practice green in your home. 

The JEF Professional Training Green has two putting holes that each have flags. The green itself is made of quality material that can work both indoors and outdoors. Keep that in mind; if you have a patio or porch, that would be an excellent spot to practice. 


  • Has two holes with flags
  • Padded rubber base
  • Large 3’x10′ putting area


  • It’s not as portable as other designs so you may want to place it in one spot in your house

Best Value: Putt A Bout Par 3 Golf Putting Mat 

If you don’t feel like breaking the bank on your golf putting mat purchase, you don’t have to. There are plenty of reasonably priced choices that have good quality and an impressive feel.

Our favorite is the Putt A Bout Par 3 Golf Putting Mat.  This is one of the best putting mats for the price!

This is a high-quality putting surface that stays smooth and does not bunch up as you are using it. Although you can roll this up and put it back out, we did notice that it struggles to stay flat if you do this too many times or don’t leave it on a flat surface. 

Instead, try to find a corner of the house or the office where you can leave the PET resin Putt A Bout Putting Mat so that it always stays smooth and easy to use. The total size of this unit is 3 x 9 allowing plenty of space for various-length putts. 

For those new to the game and want a way to learn the fundamentals at home, this is a great choice.

The built-in sand trap cutouts will catch the putts you miss, so you aren’t chasing golf balls around the living room. For the price it’s offered, you will have a hard time finding a better choice. 


  • Great shape for various putt lengths and angles
  • 3 Practice cup cutouts
  • The surface will stay smooth if treated properly 
  • Very fair pricing 


  • It’s not as portable as something like the Perfect Practice 

Best Premium Indoor Putting Green: Tour Links 8′ x 12′ Mat

This high end indoor putting green is as close to the real green speeds as it gets at home. Since this is a premium product, you’ll really be able to refine your putting skills at home with this mat.


  • Real look and feel indoor green
  • There is enough room on this practice mat to use alignment sticks to help with your practice sessions.


  • The assembly part might be a little tedious

Best Outdoor & Indoor Practice Green: The Boburn Golf Putting Green

This is a great option for an alternative to the driving range. Since the Boburn Golf Putting Green can be setup for outdoor use, you can make it feel like you’re getting the same practice as if you were at a professional facility.


  • This putting green can be used indoors or outdoors


  • Some people noted that the ball roll was a tad slow

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we are often asked about the best indoor putting greens to improve your putting at home. Remember that this is an investment the whole family can enjoy; it’s worth getting something that has functionality and longevity. 

Are indoor putting greens worth it? 

Indoor putting greens are worth it for those that want to improve their scoring on the course. With an indoor putting green, you can put the PGA Tour event on and hit putts while you watch the pros. Drills and games can be played with indoor putting greens to make practice more entertaining. 

Who makes the best indoor putting greens? 

Several smaller brands and companies make some of the best indoor putting mats and greens; these include SKLZ, Perfect Practice, and WellPutt. 

What’s the average cost of indoor putting greens? 

The average cost of an indoor putting green will range from around $40 to more than $500. Most golfers can spend between $75 and $200 to get something really great that will be used for years to come. 

Do I need an indoor putter to practice at home?

Not at all! You should use your regular putter even when practicing inside. This will ensure you are getting a practice session to feel as if you were out on the course.

NOTE: If you’re looking to upgrade your putter, you’ll have to decided between a mallet vs blade style putter. We’ve got you covered with the details in the post that’s linked!

How big should the indoor putting green be?

There is no right of wrong answer to the size of the practice putting green for your home. It really depends on what space you have to work with.

Note: Each product with have different sizes and different speeds that the golf ball with roll.

Final Thoughts About Indoor Putting Greens

At this point, the only thing left to do is grab your putter and get some practice in. Try starting out with about 15 minutes a day of putting practice and see what it does to the number of putts you have in your next round. Tracking your putting stats will help motivate you to work on your putting game even more. 


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