Best Golf Practice Nets For Chipping & Hitting Practice At Home

As a new or avid golfer, one of the best ways to improve your golf game is to practice the right way! If you’re pressed for time or live in a cold weather climate, getting the best golf practice net setup at your home is a great idea.

You might be wondering, how can I practice golf in my backyard or basement? A golf net might just be your answer! Golf hitting nets can give you the opportunity to swing the golf club without having to leave your own house.

Going to the driving range is not always an option, depending where you live and how far away the closest one is. And it’s kind of impossible to practice your full swing without a real golf ball. Having a full on golf simulator setup at home would be pretty cool but it’s not very affordable. For a lot less money, a golf practice net setup is a great option for an affordable price.

In this post, we’re going through some of the best golf practice net options out there, the pros and cons of each, and where to buy them.

What is a golf practice net?

A golf practice net is a great type of product designed for you to practice your golf swing at home. There is a large tent like area for you to hit real golf balls into.

A golf practice net can be a complimentary way to practice if it’s too cold outside for the driving range / golf course or if you’re pressed for time.

Most golf hitting nets allow you to hit with the driver, irons, wedges, or even the putter.

Best golf practice net options

Best golf hitting net overall

In my opinion, one of the best golf hitting net options is an area that has different targets. Instead of just hitting the golf ball aimlessly into the net, you can use the targets in order to practice your control angle.

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TOHIFER Golf Hitting Net

Best chipping net

Rukket Sports Golf Chipper Set

A good hitting net can also be used for your short game. For practicing those shorts within 20-30 yards around the green, use a chipper set like this one.

There are 3 different targets that you can use to practice your attack shots.

If you want to practice indoor in your living room, it might not be the best idea to chip. There is not a wide range area for this chipper set to accuracy is key unless you are outdoors in an open space.

Best golf practice nets with hitting mat

SAPLIZE Golf Net with Folding Mat

Unless you have a larger grass area in your backyard, the best way to utilize a practice net is with a hitting mat. If you have a small space or a large paved area, you can hit directly off of a hitting mat.

The Saplize golf net system comes with a folder mat for easy storage when you’re done!

Callaway Deluxe Home Range

Another option for the best golf nets with a mat included is this Callaway Deluxe. We all know Callaway as one of the leading brands in the golf industry so it’s no surprise that they also make a large net system for home practice.

For practice nets that don’t come with an artificial turf mat to hit from, you can get a real feel mat like this one.

Best golf hitting net with ball return

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Multi-Sport Golf Net

With the net return pro series v 2 you will get a complete net system with automatic ball return. I would consider this one of the best got practice nets if you don’t want to have to retrieve your practice balls after every 10 shots or so.


  • Automatic ball return
  • Easy setup
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • A little pricey for home use

Best budget friendly practice hitting net

GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net

For right around $100, you can get a quality net for any indoor or outdoor space. This is a great price point for a practice net that will collect the balls for you in a little pocket!

Best golf driving net


The best practice net for driving is going to be one that has a high quality net material. You don’t want the golf ball to rip through if you’re driving the ball.

The SIGPRO Golf net feels almost like a golf cage with the net wrapping around the sides. This can make you feel more secure when hitting drives into the net in your backyard!

photo source: shop indoor golf

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Practice Nets

Can you use a golf practice net indoors and outdoors?

You can use most golf practice nets indoors and outdoors. Check the product information on the golf net you decide to purchase and it should tell you the best place to set it up.

Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Hitting Net

Where is the best place for a golf practice net?

As we’ve mentioned, most practice net options will be great for indoors or outdoor use. Here are a few locations at your home where you can set these up.

  • The garage
  • Backyard patio
  • Basement
  • Bonus room with extra space

Is it good practice to hit into a golf net?

Yes, you can definitely get a good practice session by hitting into a net. You do want to make sure that you focus on areas that you know you need to improve.

It can also be good exercise to get in some practice reps at home instead of waiting to go to the driving range.

Another reason to have a durable net at home is to test out things like new golf grips! Instead of wasting a trip to the local driving range, you can get a feel for your new grips right at home.

Does a golf practice net compare to a golf simulator?

A practice net will allow you to hit real golf balls, just like a simulator. But, a golf simulator (like the Busnell Launch Pro) is on a completely different level. A home simulator setup will cost you a lot more money and comes with everything you need including a launch monitor, a golf mat, netting and simulator screen, a golf simulator projector, and all technology and cables needed.

How much do golf practice nets cost?

The price can range anywhere from $100 to $700+. The cost depends on the features like net size and quality, ease of assembly, the hitting area space, ball return options, targets, and much more.

Golf net practice tips

There are a lot of ways you can utilize a golf net to practice at home. Instead of going to the driving range or if it’s too cold outside to practice outdoors, you can set one of these up at home.

Use alignment stick drills just like you were at the driving range to make your practice that much more efficient. Make sure you are aimed into the net correctly too!

Recap of our favorite golf practice net options

If you’re considering setting up a practice net to practice your golf game at home, we hope this information in this post was helpful. Some things to consider before making this purchase are ease of use and assembly, price point, the quality of the net, and the best option for location at your home.

There are a lot of fun ways to to utilize an indoor or outdoor golf net. Get creative, share with the whole family, and get in those practice swings at home!

The last thing I will leave you with is a list of our top picks!

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