11 Best Putting Training Aids That Actually Help

It is argued that putting is the most important part of your golf game. A good drive, solid iron hits, and a superb short game are all great but if you cannot putt, then your efforts are wasted. The fewer strokes spent on the putting green, the lower your golf score will be.

Because of the impact your putting game can have on your score, golfers of all levels should practice on a regular basis. Luckily, putting is one of the easiest things to practice and can be practiced pretty much anywhere so whether you want to work on your line, stroke, swing, or speed, we know of some of the best training aids out there to help you become a better putter.

We know there are several practice options out there and since all the different types can be overwhelming, Golf with Luck decided to put a list together of some of our favorite putting training aids.

Best Putting Training Aids Overall

As you know, putting is a great equalizer and practicing putting is one of the most important things a golfer of any skill level can do. The putting aids below are our overall top picks for putting training aids.

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PuttOut Golf Putting Mat

The PuttOut Golf Putting Mat is a high-quality mat for golfers who want to improve their putting game overall. This putting mat is almost 8 feet long and is easy to roll out. It provides several guides to use such as alignment lines, target points, and distance markings. Plus, it simulates a medium to fast green with a stimp reading of 10. This putting mat is one of the best out there and is a great putting trainer to use to take your putting game to the next level.

Best putting training aid putt out golf putting mat


  • Ability to do several putting drills
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • Limited range

Dave Pelz Putting Tutor Training Aid

The Dave Pelz Putting Tutor Training Aid is a simple and easy-to-use flat plastic plate that you put on the putting green.  With several different lines and gate marbles, this aid can help you with you with your alignment, improve your green reading, check your eye position and line up your stroke. The Dave Pelz Putting Tutor Training aid with help with your putting fundamentals, is one of the most popular training aids and is widely endorsed by professional golfers, including Phil Mickelson.

best putting training aid dave pelz putting tutor training aid


  • Immediate feedback regarding putter face alignment and eye position
  • Benefits golfer of all skill levels
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • Must use on a flat surface for

Best Putting Training Aids for Path

EyeLine Golf Edge Putting Plane Rail

The EyeLine Golf Edge Putting Plane Rail is a great tool if you need a consistent putter path, lack speed control, and have a difficult time knowing what center face contact feels like. This aid is bent at a 70-degree angle and helps perfect your putting arc. Use this to align your shot and feel the consistency as your putter glides along the rail.

best putting training aid for path


  • Great for indoor and outdoor practice
  • Smooth glide
  • Light
  • Durable


  • Not designed to swing straight back and through

PuttOut Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set

The PuttOut Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set is considered one of the most comprehensive putting plane tools available. With its putting plane board, alignment sticks, putting gates, and weighted rubber feet, this putting plane aid is sure to help you master a perfect line path. This putting plane alignment stick set offers endless drill options and will help your putting stroke feel more consistent.

best putting training aid for path


  • Can work with any putting stroke
  • Numerous drills that can be done
  • Able to be used indoors and outdoors


  • All the instructions and drills are printed on the packaging
  • No instruction booklet

Best Putting Training Aids for Swing

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Sticks

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Sticks are simple yet versatile practice tool that helps reinforce the fundamentals of your golf swing. The sticks are made with lightweight fiberglass, are tipped with rubber to make them easy to stick into the ground, and come in a lot of fun colors and designs. With several different uses, these sticks are a great way to improve the swing path alignment, prevent pulling, and provide a target for you to aim at.

best putting training aid for swing


  • Multifunctional
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Since these are so basic to use, there are not really any cons

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IXIA Sports – True Pendulum Motion (TPM) – Golf Putting Training Aid

The IXIA Sports True Pendulum Motion Golf Putting Training Aid seems to be the best way to square up and swing from your shoulders rather than your wrist. This practice aid almost forces you to have a pendulum motion, making your strike hit right in the sweet spot, reducing side spin. Not only does it help with straightening your shoulders, it is also known to help with distance control by forcing you to slow down a bit.

best putting training aid for swing


  • Straightens stance
  • Creates a pendulum swing from your shoulders
  • Helps with distance control


  • Price

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Best Putting Training Aids for Line

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is a great putting aid for someone who wants to really have a perfect putting stroke. The difficulty of getting the golf ball up the ramp and in to the small hole helps you focus on achieving proper alignment, and pace, resulting in a perfect line putt.

best putting training aid for line


  • Great for instant feedback
  • Helps with speed control
  • Requires perfect alignment
  • Simple design


  • Lack of versatility
  • Requires a lot of practice sessions (which can be a pro or a con)

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great product to use indoors to help with alignment. The mat is pretty quick and has several lines to help create clear aids for alignment, as well as the path of the putt and the start line. With a slight incline at the end, this practice mat encourages you to hit the ball firmly. And, when you putt a hole, the ball is returned to you as a nice little reward

best putting training aid for line


  • Made with quality materials
  • Multiple lines are great for gaining consistency


  • Requires a flat surface for the best results

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Best Putting Training Aids for Stroke

Pure2Improve Putting Mirror

The Pure2Improve Putting Mirror is one of the best putting alignment mirrors out there. It is designed to help with shoulder alignment, eye position, and prevent head and body movement during your stroke. The alignment lines are a great tool to help you understand if your putter face is square. The 12 inch version is great for shorter putts, has slots on the sides to place a putting gate, and can fit in your golf bag, while the 21” version allows the actual golf ball to be placed in the center and has a curved alignment arc.

best putting training aid for stroke


  • Helps with alignment and consistency
  • Portable
  • 2 size options


  • Can be confusing to use in the beginning

Wellputt – Wellstroke Golf Putting Aid

The Wellputt Wellstroke Golf Putting Aid is a putting arc mat that is sure to help you with your putting stroke! The 12 degree arc on the putting mat provides a visual for how the putter head should move, the 5 different amplitude lines help with speed control, and the putting gates help keep your stroke straight. For the best putting arc, speed, aim and feel trainer, this is a great option.

best putting training aids for stroke


  • Creates a consistent stroke
  • Flexible
  • Use at home or on the golf course


  • Comes in various degrees and can be difficult to know which one to purchase
  • Must download the app for instructions

Best Putting Training Aids for Speed

WellPutt 13’ Premium High Speed Mat

The WellPutt 13’ Premium High Speed Mat is great for practicing with speed. On top of the visual aids to help with alignment, stroke amplitude and eye positioning, this mat also offers two rolling speeds. The stimp speed going one direction is 10 while the stimp speed going the opposite direction is 11.5. Not only that, but the downloadable app offers over 50 different exercises with 3 different levels to help you practice your putting game.

best putting training aids for speed


  • Two speed options
  • Multiple visual aids
  • Durable
  • Lifeftime Guarantee


  • A bit pricey

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Putting Training Aids

Now that we’ve listed some of the best golf training aids on the market, we know you may have some questions. We have answered some of the most common questions about putting training aids below.

What are the Best Putting Training Aids for beginners?

When looking for a putting training aid, you want to keep a few things in mind. The most important thing to think about is what it is you want to work on. Is it stroke mechanics, pace, alignment, something else, or all of the above?

Once you have thought about what you want to focus on, you will need to think about the design type that will help you achieve your goals. In addition to design, you will also want to choose an aid that is durable.

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Why is putting important in golf?

We really like the PuttOut Golf Putting mat, IXIA Sport – True Pendulum Motion, and the Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Sticks. Each design is different but are all useful for turning any beginning golfer into a great putter.

Will training at home improve your game?

Absolutely! Practicing at home can improve your game tremendously. Even if you practice putting for just 10 minutes a day, a few days a week, you will start to notice that your putting game will start to improve. You will build muscle memory, create good habits and become more confident in your game. Most of the putting training aids mentioned in our list can be used at home so put them to use and watch your putting game improve!

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How will putting training aids improve your putting?

Putting practice aids are designed to help golfer of all skill levels improve their short game. They offer a variety of different skills to practice which help improve your putting skills. Practicing with training aids help average golfers become great players.

How do the pros practice putting?

Let’s first just say, the pros practice putting A LOT! They practice at home, on a practice green, with a coach, without a coach, with putting training aids and without putting training aids. They focus on starting on the correct line, use mirrors for technical practice, and do pressure drills. They are always working to get the perfect putt.

What putting training aids do the pros use?

There are so many different putting aids on the PGA tour. The wide variety that the professionals use include putting mirrors, putting mats, a string and chalk, and even just golf tees.

Final Thoughts on Best Putting Training Aids

As we stated earlier in the article, putting is the most important part of your golf game! Putting can affect your stroke count greatly and perfecting your putting game will help improve you overall score.

Taking just a few minutes a day to practice can help your putting game tremendously. Since putting is one of the easiest things to practice and since it can be practice almost anywhere, working on your speed, swing, line or stroke is a great way to help your game. Using putting  training aids to assist in your practice will help you perfect the different areas of your putting game. We hope that our Best Putting Training Aids list helps you find the best putting training aids for what you are working to perfect.

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