Thinking Outside The Box: Using Exercise To Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf can be a difficult sport to learn. As golfers, we are always lookin for new ways to improve our golf swing. Going to the driving range, playing a round of golf, taking lessons from a PGA Golf Pro, etc. If you’re looking to make a change in your golf swing, figuring out how to get your body to move that certain way takes strength and flexibility. Sometimes you have to look past the golf ability and think outside the box. Focusing on using exercise to improve your golf swing is one of the core aspects to your golf game.

Let’s start with some of the basics…

What does a golf swing require of your body?

It may look easy but the golf swing requires you to use muscles that you’re not normally using in other sports. It is a full body motion that takes some athletic ability. You are using your strength and core to power through the ball and strike it towards your target. So, how can you get your golf game to improve in other ways than just practicing your swing?

thinking outside the box - improve your golf game with overall fitness - exercise to improve your golf swing

Using Exercise To Improve Your Golf Swing

Sometimes you need to think outside the box when trying to improve your golf game. Don’t think you always need to go to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls. Or go practice with those alignment sticks you just got. Or that buying new golf clubs will help fix your swing. Think of different ways that can improve your golf game other than just the golf portion itself.

This is where your overall health and fitness comes into play. Stretching, doing yoga, body weight exercises, cardio, etc.

Here are the top 3 aspects of your fitness to focus on for your golf swing:


Power In Your Legs

Core Strength

Will Working On Your Fitness Goals Help Your Golf Mindset Too?

Absolutely – 100%!

I have noticed when I am active and working out multiple times during the week, even if its just stretching and doing some runs before or after work, my golf game and ball striking is significantly improved. Why does this happen? The big thing that I always come back to if your golf mindset. Your mindset also changes completely when you are moving your body and working out. This will in turn help your golf game overall.

You also feel like you’re doing something to improve yourself overall – it’s a win win. If your mindset is changing, your confidence in your golf ability will also get a boost. More confidence means you’re more likely to play better out on the golf course. Also, don’t forget to create good golf habits for yourself. This routine will also help with your golf confidence out on the course.

How Important Is Being In Shape To Your Golf Game?

Your body is moving during every golf swing so it’s pretty darn important! Are you struggling with committing to a new part of your golf swing? This could have everything to do with your body and nothing to do with your golf ability. A lot of times, this part is ignored. We often wonder why it’s just not sticking. This is because your golf swing involves way more than just the basic mechanics of a swing.

The golf swing involves your body, being active, getting yourself in shape, committing to practicing, etc. You don’t necessarily need to go out and train like a PGA tour professional. But our body moves so much in the golf swing that you shouldn’t ignore your overall fitness.

golf stretching to improve your golf game

Tend To Your Body And Your Golf Swing Will Improve

How can you get better in these aspects and how can you improve your golf game by being better at tending to your body. Naturally if you’re in better shape and being active this is going to make your body better all around. Running, walking, or whatever type of exercise works for you. You may not notice a difference initially but sticking to an exercise routine will help you with your golf game in the long run.

Commit to making these types of changes for your health and your golf game.

Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing: The Revolutionary Biomechanics Workout Program Used by Tour Pros

From personal experience, when I am at the golf club working 5, 6, or 7 days a week – I’m not playing a lot like I would like to. I also struggle to find the time to work out on a regular basis. I can tell that my body isn’t moving the way that I want it to move. It will only move as much as it will allow. You can think or picture what you want your golf swing to do but if your body doesn’t have the flexibility or strength, it just won’t happen. Your body will need to adapt in order to get that perfect golf swing you’re working towards or imagining.

This is why its so important to find the time to move your body – whatever way that looks like for you!

Are you using exercise to improve your golf swing? Leave us a comment below with your personal experience!

how to use exercise to help your golf swing

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