Junior Golf Benefits And Why Your Kids Should Start Playing Now

Junior golf is a sport that should be considered for kids of any age! Why is golf important to introduce to you kids at a young age? Golf is something that everyone can play for a lifetime. So, getting your kids into golf earlier on in life gives them an opportunity to enjoy a lifelong sport. Junior golf also promotes things like etiquette, building relationships, exercise, life opportunities, and so much more.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the benefits of junior golf and a few of our junior golf recommendations.

Junior Golf - Why Your Kids Should Start Playing Golf

What is junior golf?

Junior golf is a way for kids to get into the game of golf at an early age. A collection of junior camps, junior lessons, and junior leagues provides kids with resources to learn how to play golf!

Obviously a lot of people get into golf throughout golf at different ages but if you can get your children into golf at a young age, it will create a lot more opportunity. Playing golf as a kid can give them opportunities in high school and into college (scholarships) for even getting into a job that isn’t golf related.

Is junior golf good for my kids?

Junior golf is important for kids at a young age because if you take them to junior golf camp or lessons, the majority of the time they will be introduced to all sports and athletic skills. This will help them become athletic at a younger age.

What are the benefits of junior golf programs?

When you introduce kids to golf, it creates a couple different things for them. From making new friends, to learning a new skill, to personal growth – golf really is one of the best well rounded sports.

Junior Golf Guide - Benefits To Having Your Kids Start Playing Golf

#1 – Friends in the same age group with similar interests

First, they will meet other kids around their same age group and the same ability so that they can learn together.

There are a lot of times where they will struggle at first (as we know, golf is not easy!) but will hit a few good shots or make a few putts. It’s an outdoor activity that kinds can enjoy the outside and fresh air the same as adults do.

And also the same as us adults, beginner or avid golfers, those good shots keep us coming back.

Golf is an addictive sport but in the best way possible. This relates to every age group.

#2 – Junior golf promotes community

Another reason to introduce golf to you kids is that it gets them out of the house, away from the TV screens, away from the video games, away from the phones, and outside in a new environment. It’s almost guaranteed that they will have an absolute blast at a junior camp or junior lesson program.

Junior golf programs create different games to help better their abilities across the entire game – putting, chipping, or hitting balls on the driving range – they won’t just see it as a golf ball and golf club and just hitting. Junior golf programs will create different ways that they don’t even realize are making them get better at different aspects of the game.

#3 – Golf teaches etiquette and manners

It is important in junior golf that kids start to learn about the rules of the game. Etiquette is also a big part of this. Before you know it, if your son or daughter is becoming interest in the game, they will take the etiquette and the rules and put it in the back of their mind.

They will hold onto these skills and changes the demeanor of he/she in a positive way. I have seen this with a lot of my students at the club I work for. The kids just bring their best manners, they listen, they are respectful of their elders, coaches, and friends.

Golf can change your life at and age – and younger people are no exception. Being around people on the golf course is something that is beneficial for many people, especially with kids and getting them started at a young age.

#4 – Personal growth

Golfing can help build relationships and for younger people, this can open the door to a connection for a job opportunity, golf or not golf related, and potentially develop into a career that you would have never thought of.

I compare and think about what I’ve done in my career and where I’ve been. Once I started playing in high school and with older guys, you learn a lot and opportunities are always presenting themselves.


With so many option for kids golf, like golf tournaments, golf classes, golf camps, there is so much fun to offer your kid.

With all of the benefits of the game of golf, I highly suggest getting your kids into golf at a young age!

#6 – Athleticism and fitness

Another positive about junior golf is that most programs will incorporate all sports and general athleticism for you child. Whether its swinging as fast as they can or running relay races or kicking soccer balls or throwing footballs – the golf swing can incorporate different body movements that help with all aspects of athleticism. These drills can help in other sports as well.

A few other questions that I’ve been asked about golf for your kids…

What are the best golf clubs for kids?

There are a few different things you’ll want to consider when purchasing a golf club set for your son or daughter. There are different sets for different age groups and heights.

Make sure to get a set that is the right club lengths for their size. The set of Callaway Junior Golf Clubs has a variety of different options and is a perfect starter set for any age. They have different level options that are aligned for your kids height and age group.

Private lessons or golf camps?

This really depends on what your son or daughter is looking to get out of their golf experience! Some kids love being in a group environment and interacting with others. They would probably benefit from a junior camp.

If your kid works better in a smaller environment, you may want to consider getting them some 1-1 lessons – if they are interested in learning to play golf. Junior golf instructors will always try to incorporate fun and fitness into any lesson or group activity.

What are the best places to find golf camps and lessons for my kids?

If you are a member at a golf club, I recommend talking to your head golf professional about when they are running these types of instruction.

There are also a lot of online resources like PGA Junior Golf Camps that will give you information for locations around the country where they are running golf camps and lessons.

We hope you enjoyed our run down on getting your kids into golf! Don’t forget to check back at GolfWithLuck for more golf tips.


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