Mallet Putter vs Blade Putter: Which Is The Best Fit For Your Putting Stroke?

If you’re new to the game of golf, you might be wondering why there are so many putter options out there. When choosing a mallet putter vs blade putter, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of each. Depending on your personal putting stoke, you may be in the market for a different type of putter.

One of the biggest aspects to a golf putter is what it looks like to the person that’s going to be using the putter. There’s no right or wrong answer that each golfer can use or not use. There may be a putter that can better fit that golfers putting stroke.

Putting seems like such a simple thing, right? You take the putter straight back, aim towards the hole, a hit the ball in. As you may have learned, it’s not always that simple and the perfect putter may not exist.

Putters in general (not just talking mallet or blade): you need to love the look of the putter you’re using – this is #1!

Not only does it need to fit your stroke but it should also look good to your eye. The putter head, the club face, the colors or design, and whatever else catches the eye are all important to the look. A lot of these reasons are why you will see players on the PGA tour with all different types of putters – whether they are mallet style putters, blade putters, or something new on the market.

Now, when it comes to picking the right type of putter, you’ll want to compare the pros and cons of a mallet design vs a blade putter. This will guide you to determine which style of putter works best for you (and only you!)

Mallet Putter vs Blade Putter How To Pick The Right Fit For Your Putting Stroke

Keep reading for all the details on blade style and mallet style putters. Once you’ve made your choice on the best style putter for you, you’re probably ready to take the plunge and purchase a new putter. Don’t forget to add an indoor putting green to your practice routine.

Blade Style Putter

The weighting on a blade putter is a lot skinnier in look. It’s not going to have any odd shapes. To the eye it looks very traditional. The feel when you hit a pure putt is very nice.

In my opinion, one negative to a blade-style putter is that, believe it or not, a putter can be non forgiving. If you miss hit your putt with a blade style putter, it’s going to feel a little clunky. Your distance control and direction can be a little off.

So, what are some of the best blade putters on the market? All of the major golf companies now a days are making great putters and equipment in general.

Every blade putter will be a little bit different in the sense of the weight, the neck, and the way that the putter is conformed. The color and insert in the face of the club will also differ from company to company.

Best Blade Putters

Scotty Cameron Newport

If you want a high end blade putter, your best option is going to be the Scotty Cameron Newport. I think every golfer in the work at some point in time wants a Scotty Cameron putter in their bag.

They are very well made, they look traditional, and are appeasing to the eye.

Do you need one of these if they’re out of your budget? No! But if you’ve been dreaming of the best blade putter, the Scotty Cameron Newport Putter is the way to go.

Odyssey Stoke Lab One

The Odyssey brand in general makes high quality putters for beginner golfers or avid players. I would qualify these are some of the best putters in the world.

The Odyssey Stoke Lab One is going to have a bit more of a soft feel than the Scotty Cameron. Again, this is a personal preference as to the look and feel of your new putter.

Bettinardi 2022 BB1 FLOW PUTTER

Bettinardi may not be as common as the other 2 brands but they make a nice looking traditional style blade putter. I have seen plenty of people at the country club that I work for using this putter and they love it.

TaylorMade Hydoblast

This TaylorMade blade putter definitely has a classic face of the putter. It’s made out of 303 stainless steel so you don’t have to question the quality of this club.

Blade Putter vs. Mallet Putter - what are the differences

Mallet Style Putter

Mallet-style putters are a lot more forgiving than a blade putter. Generally, it will have a much better feel to it. With a mallet putter, they are made it all different shapes and sizes. Because of this, it’s important for the putter to look good to your eye when you’re using it.

The weighting in a mallet putter helps you swing back and forth a little more naturally. The feel is going to be a lot softer. This makes it a lot easier for your center of gravity to stay consistent for the path of your putting stroke.

Comparing a mallet putter vs blade putter, the blade putter will generally be a little lighter than a mallet. This is true for a majority of the products out there unless you add weight to it on your own.

What is the advantage to a mallet putter?

One of the biggest advantages to a mallet putter is that it’s more forgiving than a blade putter. The golf ball will roll off of your putter in a softer way and the weighting makes your stoke feel more natural.

Best Mallet Putters

Picking out a top notch putter will help you feel confident with your golf game in general. So here are some of my picks for the best mallet style putters if this style is the right putter for you.

Odyssey Stoke Lab Seven S Putter

I talked about the Odyssey brand being one of the best for putters overall. This is definitely true for mallet putters as well. The Odyssey Stoke Lab Seven S has a great feel and weight distribution overall.

Note: You don’t have to stick with the stock grip on any of your clubs. You can always check out some of the best golf grips if the factory ones don’t feel right.

Odyssey Golf 2021 White Hot OG Putter

This mallet putter from Odyssey has a completely different putter face look than the one above. There is no gap on the back of the club face giving this one a more classic view.

I recently purchased this putter for my girlfriend who was using a very old blade style putter. The Odyssey White Hot OG Putter has allowed her to use the alignment lines to make sure each putt is lined up correctly.

Because the 2 balls can be used as a sight line, this putter is a great choice for new golfers or someone struggling to line up their putts.

The larger sweet spot of a mallet putter also helps get this one to the top of the list.

Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT 10.5C Putter

The Cleveland Huntington Beach 10.5C is a face balanced mallet putter. It looks pretty cool too with the stainless steel and deep blue markings.

This putter also uses a new putter technology called Speed Optimized Face Technology that focuses on consistent distance control.

How to choose the best putter for your type of stroke

With all the information we just talked about in this article, you might be wondering how to pick between a mallet putter vs blade putter.

The best way you can pick is to get professional help and get a putter fitting. In recent years, there have been so many new options out there and a putter fitting can help you decide.

Blade Putter vs. Mallet Putter - what is the right fit for me

You should be able to find a local golf shop that does free fittings. If you are a member at a country club or golf course, the PGA professionals on staff will also be able to help you with the blade vs mallet putter decision.

Mallet Putter vs Blade Putter – What are the main differences?

  • Mallet style putters have a bigger back that extends out more
  • A blade putter has a traditional look
  • A mallet putter is typically more forgiving than a blade putter
    • Better for the player that doesn’t consistently hit the ball in the middle of the club
    • A good option for the new golfer because of it’s forgiving nature
  • Blade putters sometimes have more distance control on longer putts
    • For this reason, you my need more pros on tour using a blade putter

Recap of a Mallet Putter vs Blade Putter

Overall, it’s a personal opinion and preference as to which type of putter best suits you.

To recap, the main difference when comparing a mallet vs. blade style putter is that the mallet will be much bigger, it will extend out a little bit more, they come in all shapes and sizes. A blade putter will be more traditional, will all look more similar, and will be a little lighter.


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