7 Best Golf Shoes For Men: Style & Price Matters!

Having the right pair of golf shoes for a round of golf goes well beyond style. There is a comfort factor, traction, stability, and even moisture control that all play into a perfect pair of golf shoes. We have done some research looking into the best golf shoes for men.

Each of these shoes has something great to offer, and if you are anything like us, chances are you have several pairs of the best golf shoes for men in your closet at any given time. 

Each pair of golf shoes may offer something different. There are spikeless shoes, golf shoes made for wet conditions, modern golf shoes that follow fashion trends, just to name a few.

Best Men’s Golf Shoe Overall

FootJoy Men’s FJ Fuel 

Gone are the days of feeling uncomfortable while you make your way around the golf course. Footjoy has a golf shoe for every golfer out there; in fact, we could do a blog on just FootJoy shoes. However, we love how comfort, style, and performance were combined in the FootJoy Men’s FJ Fuel. 

This shoe is meant to fit like a sneaker; it has lightweight cushioning and the Flex Last. The Flex Last means that the shoe has a full rounded toe with plenty of room for your toes but a more narrow heel. 

This is a waterproof golf shoe, so those early morning rounds where you sweep across the dew will not leave you feeling uncomfortable. 


  • Plenty of traction with the new Stability Bridge
  • Lightweight shoe, good for walking
  • Fair price for waterproof technology 


  • The spikeless shoe tends to wear out a little quicker than other models on the market 

Best Golf Shoes For Men Under $100

Men’s Tech Response Adidas Golf Shoes 

The Men’s Adidas Tech Response golf shoes have quickly become one of the best deals in the game. In fact, if you head out to play golf this weekend, we can almost guarantee you that you will find someone out there with a Tech Response on. 

This popular shoe comes in both a spiked and a spikeless model. The spiked model has slightly better traction and is worth considering for those needing extra stability. Overall, Adidas worked to combine both comfort and stability in these shoes, and they succeeded.


  • Impressive lightweight feel
  • Comfortable like a sneaker
  • Several sizes and color options are available


  • A bit of a casual-looking golf shoe 

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid 

Some golf shoe companies are good at comfort, others style, and then others performance in rough conditions. The Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid shoes are the only ones you will want on the next time you encounter some water on the golf course. 

Ecco invests a lot of time and money into their shoe designs, and you can tell from the second you put them on. However, the most crucial feature in this shoe is the Gore-Tex Material included to keep your feet dry at all times. 


  • Biom technology keeps players more grounded 
  • Gore-Tex to keep water out 
  • Rotational support
  • Four color options


  • More about performance than style 

Best Men’s Golf Shoes For Walking

Adidas Men’s CodeChaos 22 Shoe 

More and more golfers are deciding to walk the golf course. With the price being lower to walk and the health benefits being considerably better, it makes sense to invest in a great pair of shoes for walking. 

The Adidas Men’s CodeChaos 22 Shoe is made with 50% recycled content, comes in a variety of colors, and makes it easy to walk the course with comfort and style. This is a spikeless shoe that makes walking easier, but it does have Twist Grip Traction to help ensure you are supported when you swing. 

With waterproof protection and the BOOST Midsole, the CodeChaos 22 keeps you on your feet all the way to the 19th hole!


  • Waterproof technology
  • Mesh upper for better breathability 
  • Made with recycled products
  • Several color options


  • A bit of a funky/sporty look may not work for all occasions on the golf course 

Best Men’s Golf Shoes For Comfort

FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex

FootJoy does really make some of the most comfortable golf shoes overall but these ones even look comfy! They look like a classic golf shoe with a pop of color (if you want it).

best golf shoes for men post image

Best Traditional Golf Shoe For Men


I’m a sucker when it comes to great golf shoes but especially ones that look as traditional as these. These golf shoes by G/Fore are made from a waterproof material called pebble full grain leather.

The off white color and leather material really make these premium golf shoes.

G/Fore makes a lot of classic looking shoes but also makes different colors and styles.

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

Men’s MG4+ Golf Shoe

Another beautiful design by G/Fore and they don’t have ugly spikes on them! The grips on the bottom will give you the traction you need while swinging the golf club.

The white and gray colors are classic but the camo pattern gives these golf shoes some style.

GFore MG4 Golf Shoe

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about men’s golf shoes. If you haven’t found something for your game on this list, take a look to see if any of these questions can help narrow your search. 

Do golf shoes really make a difference?

Absolutely! Having the right golf shoes can help improve parts of your golf game. You’ll get excellent traction as compared to wearing regular sneakers. You will also look stylish and meet the dress codes that most golf clubs put in place for shoe wear.

Like golf grips for your clubs, golf shoes are like grips for your feet!

What color golf shoes are most popular? 

The most popular color golf shoes are white. Although you may think of these shoes as getting dirty quickly, they are usually pretty easy to clean and can help match almost any of your golf outfits. 

Is it worth having more than one pair of golf shoes? 

Yes! It makes so much sense to have more than one pair of golf shoes. A lightweight walking shoe, a professional-looking shoe for playing in tournaments and events, and then even a waterproof shoe for those rainy days on the course. Having a variety of shoes is good for your feet as well. 

Are waterproof golf shoes worth it? 

Waterproof golf shoes are well worth the price. Having wet socks inside a golf shoe is incredibly uncomfortable and not worth it. The technology for waterproof golf shoes has improved, and pricing is no longer as high as it once was.

If you have been on the fence about waterproof golf shoes, now is a good time.  As a golfer, you want me to prepared for all weather conditions and waterproof shoes are at the top of the list for this.

What golf shoes do the PGA players wear? 

The PGA Tour players will wear golf shoes from their sponsors. If a player is sponsored by FootJoy, they will often wear one of the most premium golf shoe offerings from FootJoy.

Keep in mind that professionals can still wear metal spikes if they would like to, and this can sometimes decrease the number of shoe options they have available. 

What shoes does Tiger Woods wear?

From watching Tiger on TV, I’ve seen him wearing the Footjoy brand and most recently the Nike brand.

In the father son tournament last year, Tiger and his son were both wearing a pair of black Nike golf shoes.

tiger woods father son tournament fist bump
photo source: NY times

Do you need to wear golf shoes when you’re just practicing?

I would suggest to, yes. If you’re hitting the golf ball on the course or on the driving range, you should be prepared the same way. Wearing your golf shoes while getting in a good practice session at the range will help emulate the golf course even better.

Final Thoughts On Men’s Golf Shoes

Hopefully, you are now fully confident in the next pair of golf shoes you are going to add to your collection. The FootJoy Men’s FJ Fuel still stands out as the best overall shoe choice for golfers that are interested in something waterproof, comfortable, and sporty looking. For the price these are offered, we are impressed with the technology that FootJoy put into the design.


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