Classy Women’s Golf Outfit Ideas That You’ll Love

More than 25% of all golf rounds played globally are currently played by women and with about 40% of the junior golfer population being female golfers, these are the largest reported percentages of the golfer demographic ever. This is great news for women and the game of golf!

Thankfully, the variety of options for women’s golf attire increases as the popularity of golf does. We have everything you need to know about choosing the right ladies’ golf apparel below!

What To Consider When Putting Together A Women’s Golf Outfit

So, where do women golfers start when selecting proper golf attire? From dress code to personal style, we have you covered.

Dress Codes

The dress code is an important thing to consider when planning your golf wardrobe. Whether you’ll be golfing at country clubs, or public golf courses can determine what you’ll need to wear.

– Private Golf Courses

Private courses typically have stricter dress codes for female golfers, though this might vary from region to region. Private golf clubs usually have length requirements for golf dresses, shorts, and skirts, as well as certain requirements for women’s golf shirts, including specific brands that can be worn. If you plan to join a private golf club, it would be a great idea to verify the dress code before shopping for golf outfits.

– Public Golf Courses

Public golf course dress codes are a bit less restrictive than private clubs though they are allowed to have whatever dress code they see fit. Most public golf course dress codes typically restrict jogging shorts, denim, tee shirts, tank tops, cargo shorts, open-toed shoes, and bottoms that are excessively short or revealing.

– Municipal Golf Courses

The most liberal dress requirements are typically seen at municipal golf courses owned by the city. Some municipal courses don’t have a dress code at all. They frequently permit attire that is typically prohibited at public courses or private clubs, including yoga pants, non-collared shirts, and denim. Most of the time, women golfers don’t really need to worry about what to wear at a municipal course.


Golfing involves a ton of outdoor activity, like walking a lot, and swinging your arms several times on each hole so choosing the right materials is very important when putting together your golfing outfit.

  • Comfort and Fit – Choose golf clothing that is made out of material that fits well but lets you move freely. Clothes that are too baggy or loose, or shoes that don’t quite fit right simply won’t work on the golf course. Choosing clothing items that are itchy or wearing uncomfortable shoes can distract you from your game.
  • Durable – Durability is key to not buying clothing items quicker than you want to. Make sure you are choosing golf apparel that is made out of durable, long-lasting materials.
  • Stretch – Certain garments are manufactured with elastic material to provide a better fit and more movement. Golf apparel made with 4-way stretch materials will allow you to move freely and without any restriction.
  • Breathable – Golfing in warm weather requires your clothing to be made out of breathable fabrics to keep you as cool as possible. Some items even offer materials that thwart sweat!


Golf apparel is known for being pricey; in fact, some items cost twice as much as tennis apparel and everyday clothing. But you don’t have to pay top dollar for high-quality clothing; if you’re looking for a decent deal, it’s always a good idea to compare shops and compares prices.

Weather Conditions

Making yourself comfortable during the round of golf may help your match score so it’s important to consider the weather before getting ready for the course. Make sure to wear light clothing in warm weather so that you can feel breathable and cool, even in the hottest temperatures. Be sure to layer your clothing in cooler weather. Adding a golf sweater or wearing a jacket might be a great addition to your attire.

Personal Style

You can’t forget your own personal style! Luckily, women’s golf fashion has come a long way. Whether you like a more classic style, bold prints, a pop of color, or a sporty look, there are lots of stylish options for women’s golf clothes that follow all sorts of fashion trends, you may just have to dig to find them.

Women’s Golf Outfit Ideas That You’ll Love

As more ladies and girls are encouraged to take up the sport, there will probably be an even greater selection of women’s golfing attire available on the market. Ladies’ golf skorts, golf shirts, and golf pants are just a few of the golfing apparel options you will find. With so many options, choosing what to wear might be challenging. Our list will help you master the skill of choosing women’s golf gear.

Stylish Women’s Golf Outfit Ideas

When it comes to style, you don’t have to give up your personal fashion sense while searching for your new golf wardrobe. There are so many options that range from women’s golf tops in a variety of colors to sleek, all-white outfits. There really is something out there to fit any woman’s style.

The “All White” Women’s Golf Outfit

The “All White” outfit is a classic yet stylish look that gives a crisp and clean appearance. To achieve this look, we suggest pairing a white polo shirt with a white tennis skirt. You can even add an all white visor to complete your look!

All White Women's Golf Outfit

The Nike Team Short Sleeve Polo

The Nike Team Short Sleeve Polo is made of 100% polyester allowing a comfortable feel and durability that will last!

This pleated tennis skirt is actually a skort! It has an outer flowy skirt with built-in shorts that are stretchy, breathable and have quick dry properties to keep you cool during your round of golf.

The “Colorful” Women’s Golf Outfit

This outfit is great for women who like to add a colorful print to their collection. We love this bold, vibrant sleeveless polo paired with white golf shorts or a skirt.

Colorful Women's Golf Outfit

The Maui Ladies Sleeveless Golf Polo

The Maui Ladies Sleeveless Golf Polo by Kenny Flowers may not improve your golf game but it will definitely improve your golf attire!

These white golf shorts have moisture-wicking technology, four-way stretch, back pockets, and a sporty look. What more could you ask for?

Navy and White Women’s Golf Outfit

Navy and white golf outfits are another stylish looks that women are sure to love. We especially love the white collared shirt and navy blue skirt look but you can mix and match which article is what color and even throw in matching accessories to complete the look.

Navy and White Women's Golf Outfit

Hanes Sport Women’s Polo

This polo-style shirt has moisture-wicking performance fabric and provides sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+.

This golf skort offers modesty and style! They have zippered pockets, sun protection, a mech line to prevent bunching and rolling, and they come in both navy and white so you can grab both colors if you want!

Golf Dresses For Women

Golf dresses definitely tick the “cute golf outfits” box! Though they are typically worn in warmer weather, we love them so much just had to give them their own category.

Golf Dresses

Traveler Polo Mini Dress

This sporty dress by Abercrombie & Fitch features a sleeveless design, no button collar, and a built-in sports bra!

Collared Golf Dress

This cute golf dress has built-in shorts with 2 front pockets! It’s super comfortable, and stretchy and features moisture-wicking fabric.

Warm Weather Golf Outfit Ideas For Women

When it gets warm outside golfers love to spend sunny days on the golf course! Whether it’s shorts or short sleeves, we’ve got some great golf outfit ideas for those hot days of summer. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Light Colored Golf Skirt With Sleeveless Shirt

Women’s Polo Sleeveless Shirt

We love the light color and UPF protection offered by this golf tank top! It’s also designed with quick dry and moisture-wicking technology leaving you nice and cool on the warmer days of golfing.

High Waisted Golf Skort

This pleated high-waisted golf skort comes in several colors, is super soft, and has pockets on the legs to store your golf ball!

Khaki Shorts and Short Sleeve Polo

Puma Women’s Cloudspun Free Polo

The cloud spun fabric on this Puma polo feels like cotton but it’s not! It’s actually a fabric that is knitted to be extra soft, moisture-wicking, and has a four-way stretch!

Women’s Quick Dry Golf Shorts

These cute golf shorts are great for warm days on the course. They are quick to dry, have UPF 50+ protection, and the khaki color provides a clean look.

Cold Weather Golf Outfit Ideas For Women

When cold temperatures make cooler days for golfing, a lot of golfers bundle up and head to the course. We have a few ideas to keep you warm on the greens!

Long Pants with a Long Sleeve Polo and Sweater Vest

Women’s Long Sleeve Golf Polo

This golf polo has long sleeves to keep you warm, is breathable, and moisture-wicking, and comes in several colors!

Fleece Lined “Sweater” Vest

Sweater vests are great for keeping you warm and although this isn’t technically a sweater vest, it is sure to keep you toasty. It has a fleece lining, is wind and waterproof, and the collar is adjustable. Plus, it has lots of pockets!

Women’s Golf Pants

These ankle-length golf pants have 4-way stretch, repel rain, provide sun protection, and are super comfortable!

A Jacket Fit For Golf

Cross Chill Jacket

While this isn’t an entire outfit, a jacket that is warm and allows a full swing is very important during the colder months. This Cross Chill Jacket by Lululemon is super comfortable and doesn’t limit your swing, which makes it a great option!

As you can see, women’s golf outfit ideas do not have to be boring! You can choose from a range of fun styles, and features while still taking into account dress codes and your own personal style!

Which women’s golf outfit idea are you most excited to try?

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Outfits For Women

Read below for a couple of our most Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Outfits For Women.

Where do I buy golf outfits?

There are a few places we suggest. Amazon and your local sporting goods store or golf boutique are great places to shop for golf attire.

What can I wear to the driving range?

This really depends on if the driving range is public or private, and if the range has its own specific dress code. If the driving range is affiliated with a private golf course, you can expect to follow the same clothing requirements as you would while golfing. The good news is that since the driving range is a place for practice, oftentimes, more athletic clothing, such as hoodies and non-golf-specific athletic pants. Just be sure to double-check the dress code before you go.

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